"Everything is within your power, and your power is within you."


Deputy General Counsel

Coming from an exceptional legal background, Bernard is naturally gifted in structuring large business transactions. His experience includes strategic development of assets starting from greenfield projects. His understanding of supply chain management is unique as his knowledge of business integration. He has a penchant for early-stage companies especially in the start-up phase of team engagement, resource allocation and funding. For matured companies, his insights are applied to asset and equity exit strategy. His achievement includes having closed over 20 private equity and M&A deals with aggregate deal value of over US$55 billion. He was then a senior associate at Clifford Chance in Beijing.

His experience is acquired from matured markets of US, UK, EU, HK, Singapore and Taiwan and released into emerging markets of China, India, Brazil and Southeast Asia. He participated in the merger of Didi Taxi with Uber and Kuaidi and its series B through F financing. He diligently contributed to Jinke’s acquisition of Outfit7, a leading game developer of “Talking Tom”. He was part of the legal team that successfully negotiated Carlyle’s investment in Delivery, the largest supply chain services company in India. He was the legal eagle that cut a record of selling 7 Days Inn in China.

Bernard graduated with Juris Doctor (JD) from University of Cincinnati Law School and admitted to practice law in the State of New York USA since 2013.