Local Innovation
Global Transformation.

The future of world-class cities.

The onus on the creation of Smart Cities and Innovation Districts will require the partnership of a new breed of real estate corporation - like SPG Invest who understands the special requirements of high-density, high-technology contexts, and who has the ability to integrate key strengths in design and create a new ‘eco-system’ of complementary skills and resources.

The Revolution in
Global and Mega Cities.
The Rise of Innovation Districts and smart cities.

Modern cities are engaged in a fierce battle. A battle that crosses borders - one is not limited to nationality or to industry. It is a war for talent and investment. And on the outcome of this battle, lives, livelihoods and very survival depends. And success depends on their ability to pivot from a traditional industrial-complex to a technology oriented economy.


The competitive advantage of integrating SPG Land, SPG Industrial, SPG Smartech and SPG Capital provides us the critical skills and resources in the empowerment of smart and innovation cities that enable us to:

  • Transform how we live and work
  • Catalyze new innovation
  • Transform manufacturing industry
  • Integrate academia with industry

Office / residential /
commercial / hospitality

Industrial Park /
Infrastructure /
management services

Fintech / Transportation /
Education / Healthcare /

asset management /
financial advisory /

"We are the real estate corporation that uses more ideas than bricks."

Simon Wong

Chief Executive Officer

As a core member of SPG Invest, SPG Land engages in the investment and development of multi-modal real estate, ranging from prime office buildings, commercial hubs, to luxury residences, smart cities, and premier hospitality eco-systems.

Since 1998, SPG Land has developed projects worldwide covering 1,620 hectare site area with a  26,841,707 sqm GFA. Till date, SPG Land has completed 56 projects and acquire more than 250 awards and recognition.


An active investor across all infrastructure sectors, SPG Land soars through the skies to identify, to seek, and to strategise. Every niche is not overlooked. No stone is left unturned in the search.

SPG Land engages in the investment and development of multi-modal real estate, ranging from prime office buildings and commercial hubs, to luxury residences, smart cities, and premier hospitality eco-systems. We add global perspectives to local knowledge.

Never still, we believe in pushing boundaries to continuously innovate, and be agile in creating iconic facilities that fulfil transformation. Our biggest challenge is to keep challenging ourselves to adopt best practice in design and architecture to transform life, living and lifestyle.

"Transforming the international
workspace. Setting new benchmarks.
That's the way to thrive."

Wilson Luo

Chief Executive Officer

As the industrial arm of SPG Invest, SPG Industrial is established in response to strong investor demand for infrastructure investment worldwide.

Leveraging on its critical abilities in urban infrastructure and industrial development, SPG Industrial is in a good position to tap into the growth opportunities with the aim of taking the construction of industrial parks, urban developments, and the entire infrastructural value chain of providing innovative services, integrating resources and the formation of industrial clusters to a whole new level.


We scale up by providing a complete cluster of industrial and infrastructure themes. Our insights to development industrial parks are gleaned from best global practice. We shall endeavor to continuously innovate and co-create with our stakeholders and clients.

We rise up to every challenge of industrialization and every idea about themes, space and land optimization. We make serious attempts to out-perform ourselves because we believe that we can do better at every step and for every project. Our track record speaks for itself.

We live up to our promise to win the trust of our clients and stakeholders. As such we shall deliver our best in designs for infrastructure and utility management. We actively respond to demands from clients and stakeholders.

"With digital innovation, we deliver
solutions that transform cities,
modern living and liberated lifestyles."

John Qiang

General Manager

As the technology arm of SPG Invest, SPG SmarTech has been set up to simplify and accelerate the application and usage of smart technologies in urban centres.

A data enabled platform to make life better and the city smarter, SmarTech now covers many fields including smart fintech, smart healthcare, smart education and smart transportation. Supported by AI, Cloud, and Digital tools, integrated with data technology that involves data-mining, data-sourcing and data-insights; SPG SmarTech offers end-to end, full stack, full scope solutions to our clients.


SPG SmarTech’s operating experience gives a competitive advantage in delivering streamlined workflows as well as accurate and reliable data all in the time and format that clients need.

A forward-thinking problem solvers who can take projects from idea to implementation, SmarTech also advises on technology investments, work hand-in-hand with other engineers and business analysts to design, build, deploy and support the core of the business.

Technology is most impactful when it serves a direct purpose to improve the quality of living. With the development of Smart Healthcare, Smart Finance, Smart Transportation and Smart Education, the establishment of an Eco-System allows global-best technological companies to participate and contribute their experiences and technical know-how on smart city projects that deliver tangible impact on day-to-day living.

"Through our in-depth knowledge of
real estate and asset management
capabilities, we will continue to
build on the trust we have received."

William Huang

Chief Executive Officer

As the strategic value creator of SPG Invest, the financial resources and fiscal capabilities of SPG Capital help to synergise and realise the group’s vision.

A private equity firm with offices in Hong Kong, Australia, and Vietnam, SPG Capital is independently owned and managed by SPG and its partners to invest in strategic opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.


The aim is to maintain a prudent approach to growth: invest in quality real estate, technology, infrastructure, and utilities fixed asset investments in developing Asia Pacific cities with high growth potential. Our top-down approach to investment favour cities with attractive macroeconomy fundamentals.

SPG Capital’s first fund, Cornerstone Capital Fund I, currently manages an equity commitment of USD$1.5 billion with a strategic focus on prime Vietnam real estate opportunities in the Central Business District of Ho Chi Minh City.

SPG Capital seeks to explore transformative ideas and strategies that respond to a world in transition. Everything we do is guided by our core values of accountability, excellence and integrity.